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You aren't the same as your competitors, so don’t let your inventory listings and advertising look like it. We give you the power to showcase your unique and urgent “why buy” message to captive shoppers.

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Showcase Your Why Buy

Take over the ad positions across your VDP with visually engaging “why buy” banners that block out competing ads. This captive audience is already interested in your vehicles, so show them why to take the next step and purchase from your team.

of shoppers have not yet decided on a dealer Consumer Metrics Study, Q1 2021

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Promote Your Why Now

Get market-exclusive access to display your special offer on every search in your area for a seven-day period, giving shoppers the incentive to take action on your inventory over all others.

of shoppers plan to purchase a car within the next month. Consumer Metrics Study, Q3 2020


Highlight Your Why Here

Drive active shoppers from local search results directly to your website with prominent native ad placement. Your model of choice will stand out from the other results with a prominent CTA and custom messaging highlighting why to shop specifically with your dealership.

of shoppers know the exact model they want, and are just looking for the right dealer internal metrics, Q3 2020 360x

Dominate the Customer Journey

Cars360x uses first-party data from to target local shoppers with dynamic ads based on their location and make/model search history. These relevant, interactive ads stay with shoppers across devices throughout their journey to keep your dealership top of mind.

First-Party Data

of Local Shoppers

Powering Dynamic Ads

With Your Most Relevant Vehicles

3.5 Minutes Per Month

Dominate the Customer Journey

Cars360x ads were in-view an average of 3.5 minutes per month for targeted shoppers.

*Q2 2019, Cars360x Campaign Metrics

Right Place, Right Time, Right Message

Increase traffic to your store by powering your unique message and inventory to the right in-market shoppers, in the right places, at the right times.