Unscheduled Maintenance

Unscheduled Maintenance highlights automotive experts and innovators who are finding new ways to succeed in this fast-moving industry. We look at the many ways marketing leaders can drive success and aim to leave listeners feeling inspired, informed and empowered. Because whether you’ve been in the business for 50 days or 50 years, it never hurts to stop in for some Unscheduled Maintenance.

For Consumers

Offer Home Delivery

Almost every business sector has been hit by the COVID-19 epidemic except for one: Delivery-based businesses are surging. Companies like Amazon have turned efficient consumer delivery into the norm. Now you can too! Learn about our home delivery badging and other product offerings that can help keep your car business running.

Promote “virtual appointments”

Virtual meetings have been around for years, but technology is finally catching up with people’s expectations. Plus, this epidemic has forced us to get comfortable connecting virtually. Take the extra time to invest in your buyer’s virtual experience with live video chat and make sure your consumers know about it before they reach out by adding the badge to all your listings.

Use video to spread meaningful messages

Video is an attention-grabbing medium. It connects with people more easily and effectively than photography and written copy. Attention and connection are more important now than ever. When your message has meaning, use video to spread it with an added emotional impact.

Enable Digital Retailing

For many dealers, digital retailing is the only option. And for the majority of dealers who can conduct business in-person, digital retailing is going to be your future. Whether it’s the current epidemic or not, digital retailing is only going to get bigger. So even if it’s simply snapping screenshots from your DMS and sending them to the consumer, you need to start the transition to a digital retailing mindset now.

Be hyper-present on social media

Dealerships are pillars of their communities. Many people rely on them for more than just transportation. Right now, be present where your people are — online, on social media — with news and messages of reassurance. Facebook recently reported that 53% of people are browsing Facebook more often than normal, while 32% of people are using Instagram more often during the pandemic. Continue to support your communities like you always have.

For Your Staff

Open staff meetings for friends and family

Right now, everyone is scared. That includes your people and their family and friends. Your staff meetings are a source of alignment and inspiration. Consider opening some of them up to let friends and family in on what’s happening. It will offer everyone a little bit of certainty in uncertain times. On our recent ‘Unschedule Maintenance’ podcast David Long, of the Hansel automotive Group discusses this notion and how he keeps his team inspired and engaged.

Ensure service acts as a sales and acquisition center

Leveraging your service department for sales and acquisition has been a trend for years, but it’s more important now than ever. Many localities are only allowing service. While you lack a critical pipeline for sales and acquisition, you need to rely on service to sell more now than ever. Listen to our Unscheduled Maintenance episode 4 where Hyundai motors America’s CMO Angela Zepeda shares just how much good OEMs and their local dealer operators can deliver to communities in crisis.

Empower sales reps to leverage their personal brands

Salespeople have been building their personal brand for years, whether they thought about it that way or not. Brand relationships are most important in times like this. We all fall back on the people and brands who’ve taken the time to connect with us. Let your sales reps build and leverage their brands.

Expand chat access for more engagement and increased coverage

Consumers are just like all of us: facing a lot of uncertainty. All of your channels should be open and accommodating, but there’s real space for many dealers’ chat to be more engaging. Now is also a good time to expand the coverage to address questions and concerns quickly.

Keep your staff engaged with educational and professional development activities

The truth is that this is a big downtime for us. With a drop in sales and service, your people will have a lot of free time, and there is only so much cleaning and organizing they can do. This is the perfect opportunity for them to learn and develop their skills. Many companies are offering free webinars and online courses to service this exact need. Take advantage of them.