As we do each month, has applied our patented On-the-Lot technology to help dealerships understand which vehicles get the most lot visits from mobile consumers. The report offers a glimpse at mobile shopping behavior when consumers are on your lot. We have identified the top five luxury and non-luxury brands with the most lot visits in November. For each brand, we have also identified the top five lots that mobile shoppers also visited. Here’s what we found:

  • Ford jumped ahead of Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) as the third-most visited non-luxury brand (based on a comparison of our November and October On-the-Lot reports.). But while shoppers were on Ford lots, the top lot they also visited was none other than CDJR.
  • Lexus supplanted Audi as the fifth most visited luxury brand from October to November. Lexus shoppers liked to visit non-luxury lots, with Chevrolet, CDJR, Honda, and Nissan being popular non-luxury destinations.
  • As was the case in October, luxury shoppers were more likely to cross-shop both luxury brands and non-luxury brands, whereas non-luxury shoppers were less likely to visit a luxury brand.
  • Nissans and Chevrolets were the top two most popular vehicles for all shoppers to visit, and Chevrolet along with GMC/Buick indexed exceptionally high among Cadillac shoppers. Interestingly, Cadillacs were popular with Chevrolet shoppers, too.

So, Nissan and Chevrolet: celebrate a big November! And Lexus, welcome to the top five club. Soon we’ll report back on what December holds for automobile shopping in the thick of the holiday season. For more detail on our November On-the-Lot report, check out the following infographic.